Man Riding a Snowmobile

Renting a Snowmobile versus Buying

If you plan on going on a snowmobile vacation, it’s likely that you’ll want to leave the hassle of dragging your own snowmobiles with you. That means you plan on either forgoing any snowmobile excursion or you plan on renting the resort’s snowmobile equipment. Resorts that specialize in the winter vacationers often have snowmobile rentals along with the excess equipment and clothing that ensures that your vacation will be a safe one. There are many advantages of using a resort’s snowmobile instead of your own. Yet, there are also disadvantages to using them. To fully appreciate the complexity of the advantages and disadvantages, you need to know what options you have when you rent the equipment.

A Beginner To Snowmobiles

If you are just beginning to snowmobile, it’s probable you don’t own any equipment just yet. Should this be the case, then you’ll need to rent snowmobiles along with the equipment from the resort. Experts, working for the resort, are usually on hand to give you a tour of the snowmobile equipment and learn how you need to operate it safely.


Advanced Users of Snowmobiles

It’s not uncommon or unheard of for vacationers to ship their snowmobiles to the resort they plan on staying at. However, one good reason you should leave your snowmobile at home, is to learn about the new snowmobile equipment that the resort has. This means if you are interested in it, you’ve already got a feel for how it will drive and work, which can help you save money if you find you really don’t like it after all.

Renting Snowmobile Equipment

Again, a new snowmobile rider won’t have the equipment he/she needs to ride a snowmobile. For them and avid users who choose to rent, the ski/winter resorts have the necessary equipment you need including:

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof suits
  • Helmets

We would recommend you using the following jackets for riding your snowmobile:

These are the best and most poluar brands that  are proven to be reliable and comfort. Feel free to read reviews before buying these jackets:

Renting vs. Buying – What’s Actually Best In Terms of Snowmobiles

Should you buy or should you rent your snowmobile? Actually, this is really up to you. If you plan to snowmobile from now on, then it’s likely you’ll want to purchase your own machines. However, if you only plan to do it once or twice a season, then it is better, money-wise, to rent snowmobiles each season (if you plan to snowmobile each winter season at the resort).

No doubt, even experienced snowmobile riders who do have their own machines, find that renting a snowmobile is less expensive than dragging their machines to the resort. Rental equipment is usually insured and the rider pays a deductible in case they should have an accident.

Guides To “Guide” You On The Trails

When you rent a snowmobile from a resort, you can get an experienced guide, employed by the resort, to take you and others out along the scenic route so that you can get a taste of the trails. They know the trails very well and can customize tours so that you get the kind of ride you want.


Beginner Guide Tours

Most beginner snowmobile riders will go on tours that have smooth, straight trails

Experienced Guide Tours

For experienced riders, you can choose a more thrilling ride through the landscape.

Both beginners and advanced riders will have the peace of mind that they’ll get the experiences they want and pay for. Something they could not get if they tried to do the trails on their own.

Experienced Snowmobile Riders and Their Snowmobiles

Many experienced snowmobile riders may opt to have their own snowmobiles with them on vacation and that’s doable. After all, you can ship it to the resort and/or drag them on a trailer to the resort.

There are many reasons a snowmobile rider will opt to use his/her own machine including the inability to get used to the new equipment quickly and by the time they master it, the vacation could be over. This is the most common reason an experienced rider will bring his or her own equipment.

An experienced rider may be willing to pay for the shipment and insurance of their snowmobile, which can cost about or more than the rental cost of the equipment. The snowmobile rider must choose if it is really necessary for him/her to take along his or her own equipment in lieu of renting one from the resort.


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